Working towards the social enrichment of the nation

Working towards the social enrichment of the nation

KR Eshraqa distributes 10,000 Ramadan Boxes across Wilayats

March 28, 2023

Muscat: As part of its ongoing efforts to contribute to community welfare, Eshraqa, the social development arm of Khimji Ramdas (KR), has expanded its support to local communities by distributing 10,000 boxes of Ramadan essential food supplies to low-income households across wilayats, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD). 

As part of the outreach project, the KR Group, MoSD, Wali’s offices, committees, and charity teams jointly collaborated in the distribution process. To ensure effective delivery of the boxes, the Ministry made arrangements and coordinated with specific committees, headed by the Wali of each Wilayat. These committees in turn worked with charity teams to distribute the boxes, ensuring that they reach the intended recipients; those who need them the most. 

Emphasizing the importance of serving communities and cooperating with like-minded stakeholders to contribute to community welfare, Nailesh Khimji, Director of KR Group, mentioned: “At Khimji Ramdas, we strongly believe that synergy between the public and private sectors will better our corporate social responsibility objectives, ensuring the efficient execution of social initiatives. At Eshraqa, we have built a team that is committed to enhancing the spirit of generosity and togetherness in our society. The holy month of Ramadan is a time for giving and reflection, and we are fortunate to have stakeholders who collaborate with us to achieve our common goals of doing good.”

Hamoud bin Mirdad Al Shabibi, Director General of Persons with Disabilities Affairs, MoSD stated “Giving back to the community should be a huge priority year-round, but even more during the Holy Month of Ramadan. We applaud KR Eshraqa’s efforts to positively impact all members of society year after year. We encourage other private sector entities to come forward and work together to improve the quality of life of the people of the sultanate” 

Established in 2016, as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the Khimji Ramdas Group, Eshraqa’s vision is aligned with the national agenda and goals outlined in Oman’s Vision 2040, Eshraqa’s initiatives focus on sustainable Education, Health, Community well-being, and Training; with unique partnerships being made with various governmental institutions and associations on a not-for-profit basis to enrich the lives of the people of Oman. Eshraqa’s primary beneficiaries are Omani youth, women, and persons with disabilities. Under its developmental scheme, communities in the wilayat of Samail, Izki, Bidbid, Ibra, and Bidiyah have benefited. The project’s focus is currently on the Wilayat Dima Wattayeen.

KR’s Eshraqa has been established on the premise that the private sector has a responsibility towards the development of local communities and empowering talented individuals in the Sultanate. By working towards nation-building at the grassroots, Eshraqa aspires to contribute meaningfully to socio-economic progress by building infrastructure that will lead to the enhancement of knowledge, skills, and capabilities in society.

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